How is Spacex Starlink going to be revolutionary?


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Today we are going to talk about the 60 Starlink satellites that SpaceX just launched in a groundbreaking mission. But more than that we are going to talk about why this mission is such a big deal. I mean they are just satellites right? Surely we already have plenty of satellites around our pale blue dot by now? Here is the thing though. SpaceX have just started an amazing long term mission. Not for any other launch provider, but for themselves. This amazing set of missions aims to create a super low latency telecommunications network. And how are they going to do this? Not by launching just these 60 satellites, which is amazing by itself, but by launching around 12,000 satellites in three sophisticated orbital shells around the world.

Mark Handley - Starlink revisions, Nov 2018
(associated paper can be found in this video description)



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