SpaceX Starships on Mars - Does it still make sense to return them to Earth?


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Today we have quite an interesting topic. SpaceX Starships on Mars. Does it still make sense to return them to Earth after landing on Mars or is it better to simply leave them on the surface for other purposes. Now although in the past this seemed like a fairly clear cut answer, currently, it doesn’t seem quite so obvious a choice. In fact, it may actually turn out to be (at least in the short term) quite detrimental. This topic is one I think that warrants quite a lot of discussion so I’d like to hear your opinions in the comment thread here. Perhaps this may event deserve a follow-up video to break this down and expand on in the future. So to keep up to date with this topic and all the other SpaceX content on my channel please do hit that subscribe button, it really does help me to keep creating this content for you, and there are loads more SpaceX and Starship updates to come. Especially over the next exciting 12 months of SpaceX development.



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